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Utility Program Status Change Definitions and Explanations?

Understanding the different program statuses of utility rebate programs

Utility rebate programs go through different statuses throughout a program cycle. It’s important to keep track of the program’s status when estimating a rebate or you could be providing an estimate for a rebate that cannot be captured. Below are the definitions of the program status options that can be found in Encentivizer.

Open: The program is accepting and processing applications.

Closed: The program is no longer accepting or processing applications.

Discontinued: The program is shut down.

Partial: Part of the program has a different status than the rest of the program.

Application Hiatus: The program is open but is not currently accepting applications.

Waitlisted: The program is accepting but not processing new applications.

In Transition: The program is no longer processing applications based on previous program rules but has not released updated information.

Preview: The program has released new information but is not yet accepting applications.