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UtilityGenius Pro Subscription: Search rebate information at a national level, access downloadable content, and more.

UtilityGenius Projects: Scope your next lighting upgrade and see energy savings, carbon dioxide reduction, ROI, and your payback period including rebates! 

UtilityGenius Buildings: Manage all of your properties and track incentive changes in one place to save even more time on your journey.


I have a question about my utility program as shown in UtilityGenius - who can I contact about it?

You can either email or fill out our product feedback form. Someone from our team will respond in 3-5 business days!

How is the data in UtilityGenius collected and maintained?

We have an in-house data team responsible for our central database. The team keeps track of programs across North America and updates with any changes daily, so we can be sure we’re providing the most accurate information.

I don’t see a program that I know about, why isn’t it here?

UtilityGenius is currently only tracking Commercial and Industrial programs at the utility level across LED, Lighting Controls, HVAC, VFD, and EV. 

If you work for a program or utility and would like to see an additional program listed, please contact us at for more information about our Sponsored Content Program.

What does it mean for a program to be downstream versus midstream?

Downstream rebates are paid by the utility responsible for the rebate program directly to the customer. Midstream rebates, however, are received at checkout through a qualifying and participating distributor.

What do the program status changes mean?

Program statuses can change multiple times throughout the life of a program. Here is a quick guide to what each of these stages means:

  • Open: The program is accepting and processing applications
  • Closed: The program is no longer accepting or processing applications.
  • Discontinued: The program is shut down.
  • Partial: Part of the program has a different status than the rest of the program. Head to the utility’s webpage for more information.
  • Application Hiatus: The program is open, but not accepting new applications.
  • Waitlisted: The program is accepting new applications, but not processing them.
  • In Transition: The program is changing their current program rules. Applications are not being processed based on previous program rules, but the utility has not released updated information.
  • Preview: The program has released new information, but is not accepting applications yet.
Who uses UtilityGenius?

UtilityGenius benefits everyone involved in the energy efficiency marketplace! Contractors, ESCOs, and property managers use UtilityGenius to research rebates and receive notifications for incentives available in the locations they work in. We have advertising opportunities available for those targeting that audience, including specific programs, manufacturers, and more. Utilities can work with our team to create sponsored content on their utility pages and release more customized information. Manufacturers and their sales teams can even leverage UtilityGenius during their sales process. Want to hear more about how to optimize the benefits of UtilityGenius? Send an email to and our team will walk you through it!

I can’t find my utility provider.

State pages automatically filter to the primary utilities in a state. If you’re looking for a utility that isn’t shown, go to Viewing in the right hand corner under State Utilities, click on the drop down, and toggle to All Utilities.

How do I get notifications for program changes from my utility?

Make sure that you have email notifications set to ‘On’ in your account settings to get an email with program changes each week. To prioritize certain utility programs, favorite those programs by selecting the heart at the top of the page following the name of the utility.

What happens when I click on a manufacturers’ link under a product type?

You will be redirected to that partner manufacturer. These manufacturers all have a widget on their website that allows you to search through their product catalog by product type and gives more specific information on rebate amounts for those products.

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