Pricing and Plans

A perfect fit for individual users and teams! Pricing that works for your business with no annual contract or hidden fees.
Discounts will be applied for annual payments. 


Can I really use UtilityGenius for free?
Yes! UtilityGenius has not one, but two free options to choose from.

The first one being the Free Forever plan that allows you to use UtilityGenius for free forever. You can select a utility program and get more details, interact with the map of the United States and Canada, select a product category, and toggle between downstream and midstream programs.

The second one is the Starter plan. This plan is free but requires you to create an account so that you can save your favorite utilities and reference them in the future, see your recent activity, and sign up to get email alerts about program changes!

You can choose to upgrade your account to the Pro version (monthly subscription) at anytime to access premium functionality and content.

What is the difference between the free Starter plan and the Pro plan?
UtilityGenius Pro is ideal for individuals and companies that need to be able to view all utility programs at one time with all incentives across those programs. You can also download csv exports of the data to sort and slice how you need it in Excel, Google Sheets, or similar tools.

Your email alerts about utility program status changes are also customizable so you only get notified of utility programs you care about.

Can I use UtilityGenius as an individual?
Absolutely! All plans are built for individuals or teams. Whether you’re one person, a small team, or a larger enterprise team you can take utility rebate estimates and program information to the next level with time-saving features and the way UtilityGenius organizes program information for you.

UtilityGenius takes the hassle out of researching utility programs and calculating rebate estimates for qualified product categories.

How much does it cost to use UtilityGenius Pro?
UtilityGenius Pro plan starts at $49/user per month. If paid annually, you can get 10% off! There are also additional discounts for adding more users.

1-3 Users: $49/user per month

4-6 Users: $44/user per month

7-10 Users: $42/user per month

11+ Users: $39/user per month