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Take the hassle out of researching utility programs and calculating rebate estimates

Rebate estimates and program information the way you need it

UtilityGenius allows you to search for utility program information by state, program name, or zip code. You can easily get rebate estimates by product category all in an easy-to-navigate format in one place.

Commercial and industrial rebate programs

With over 3,000 C&I utilities in the US and Canada speed is key if you want to send quotes with rebate estimates to close deals faster.

Rebate Estimates

Who uses UtilityGenius?

Electrical contractors

Trade allies


Anyone that does project work – like a project team

Manufacturer's agents

UtilityGenius is the easiest and fastest way to look up rebate estimates and utility program information in the US or Canada by zip code, state, or product category without having to waste time researching online or calling the utility.

Why use UtilityGenius?

The future of searching utility programs is here. Gone are the days where you had to do research online, on the utility’s website, or make phone calls and wait days if not more for a response. Instantly get rebate estimates and important utility program information for every utility across North America in three clicks or less.

Rebate Lookup

You can quickly lookup rebate estimates for LED, horticulture, controls, HVAC, VFD, fans and more!


So you sent a proposal to your customer with rebate estimates included and now that they are ready to sign (3 weeks later) you need to check to see if the rebate is still available. We know that utility programs can change all the time. Don’t sweat it – it’s easy with UtilityGenius. Verify rebate eligibility and program status in less than 30 seconds.

data is always up to date

Up-to-date Data

We take updating data very seriously, since you rely on its accuracy it’s important for you to know how we keep it up to date.

There are multiple ways we keep up with program changes: proprietary software that tracks programs, a team of analysts that continuously make updates, and we’re registered with utility programs.

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Application Link

Get a direct link to the C&I utility program website so you can start the rebate application process.

Why rebates?

No matter what technology the project requires, the utility and rebate information is seconds away – for every product category you can think of.


Buy now vs. waiting

Drive your customers down the energy efficient path to replacing or installing new energy efficient technology. Adding rebate estimates to their project quote will create urgency and get them to say ‘yes’ faster.

Reduce payback period

Use rebates to help lower the initial cost of a project by installing energy-saving technology. This shortens the payback period and makes the overall investment more attractive to your customer.

Energy savings

Energy savings and rebates?! It’s a win win. Installing energy efficient technology will not only save your customer money on their monthly utility bill, but adding rebates just sweetens the deal.

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